At DPC, we take weight seriously! Obesity contributes to the worsening of many health conditions, including but not limited, to: blood pressure disease, abnormal cholesterol, diabetes, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, and even depression. We encourage all of our clients to set a goal to achieve a BODY MASS INDEX less than 30 to help prevent the worsening of health conditions. Ultimately, a target BMI of less than 25 is essential.

Obesity management is not covered by all insurance plans. Medicare DOES cover obesity management for clients with a BMI greater than 30. We have a self pay program for clients who are not covered by Medicare.

Details about our program:

Initially you will be screened for a few disease states that may be the reason you have gained weight (diabetes, iron deficiency, thyroid disease). As long as your labs are normal, you may or may not decide that you want to use medication to lose weight. There are a number of medications that are used to help clients to lose weight, and the many different agents will be considered. Usually 50% of clients choose to take medications to help them lose weight, but it certainly is NOT a requirement, and whether or not you choose to use medications will NOT determine your success. If you follow our program, you WILL LOSE, because weight loss is a science, and we get technical with you about how to get you to lose. There are no gimmicks and nothing for you to buy. We encourage you to be seen as often as you can, for most people that is weekly; but you don’t HAVE to be seen that often. We do believe that the more you are seen, the better you do. You don’t pay more to be seen more, so we encourage you to be seen as often as possible to help keep you feeling accountable, which we believe contributes to your success. We encourage clients to steer away from dieting; and our program will help them lose 2 pounds weekly without actually dieting. We encourage clients to steer away from gimmick weight loss attainment (losing greater than 2 pounds weekly) because your SKIN can’t keep up with more rapid loss, and more rapid loss contributes to satiety hormone changes, which you want to avoid. The price of the program is $70 monthly for the first 4 months, then $20 a month after that. After 4 months you pay less, because you typically need less guidance from one of our providers, and therefore, take less time in visits.

The only catch:

If you don’t show up for a full month, you “start over” in the program. WHY? Because you are only successful when you come. We try to keep you accountable for that success, and we do that with the financial penalty of starting over if you stop!! So just don’t stop!!

Do we resort to medicine?

Medicine is always an option that we offer to our patients, if you wish to take that route. Some of these medications include:

If you are interested in weightloss through only basic healthy eating habits, we offer educational readings here.

If you are interested in our program make an appointment today!